Saturday, April 4, 2015

Tepper Grosser Passover Seder 1934

     It's Passover again, and all over the world, families are gathering for the Seder.  My earliest Seder memory was at my great-grandparent's apartment in Atlantic City.  I remember that the service was long, but the food was good and I was permitted to sip some sweet Manischewitz concord grape wine, heavily diluted with seltzer.  Passover was always my favorite holiday.  I loved polishing the silver, setting the table, and preparing all of the special foods, starting with the Charosets, the first dish I was allowed to make on my own.  Since my immediate family was not very observant, I became the person who led the seder as well, a tradition that remains today.

     This photo was also taken at my great grandparents' seder, but about 14 years before I made it on to the scene.  The attendees were (R-L) seated: Elcon Grosser (my ggfather), Jennie Grosser (his wife, my ggmother), Ida Grosser Lieberman (my grandmother, their daughter), Nat Lieberman (Ida's husband, my grandfather). Standing (R-L): Jerry Lieberman (Ida's son), Marcella Sterling (Mary's daughter), Phyllis Lieberman (Ida's daughter) Cissie Sterling (Mary's daughter), Joey Sterling (Mary's son),  Elynore Lieberman (Ida's daughter, my mother), Mary Tepper Sterling (Jennie's sister).  Mary's husband Nelson Sterling was probably behind the camera.

    Feel free to comment with your favorite family Passover memory.

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